Tony Gordon


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Tony is a highly versatile speaker with a reputation for delivering tour de force, key note speeches at major conferences, as well as more intimate contributions for smaller company events, workshops and seminars.

His philosophy is simple. He believes there are few extraordinary people in this world – only ordinary people who achieve the extraordinary through determination, self belief and discipline.

He believes success does not have to be a matter of chance. With discipline and determination we can all choose the level of success we want for ourselves,

After hearing Tony speak, audiences start to believe that they, too, can set higher goals and achieve greater results.

Whether speaking to 11 or 11,000, Tony carefully crafts his presentations to suit his audience.

“Tony is one of this industry’s best, most inspiring speakers. Always accessible and relevant he holds an audience in the palm of his hand”

John Prast
Executive Vice President
Million Dollar Round Table
Park Ridge, IL, USA

Frank Weisinger, LIA Past President
Protection & Investment, Henley, UK

“Tony is one of the superstars. His sales concepts are basic and transferable. They will increase the productivity of anyone who embraces them”

Norman G Levine

Roger Zair
Partner, Grant Thornton

Tony is recognised in his field as one of the great motivational speakers, having spoken in over 50 countries to every major insurance event in the world. His gift is to be able to inspire audiences to believe in themselves and in their ability to achieve exceptional results.

“Tony is a one-off. Simply he is one of the best business motivators of his generation. He inspires the courage that allows people to achieve their ambitions”

 “Tony goes to the heart of the selling process - it is fascinating to see revealed his most vital secrets”