What do all sports stars have in common? A coach, a mentor, a trusted adviser whose opinion they value. So it should be in business. Tony has been mentoring financial advisers throughout his long and distinguished career. Now this occupies most of his time.

As early as 2004 Tony identified the need for Financial Advisers to find a new way of building their businesses with a focus on charging fees for service and getting away from the old opaque commission model. Tony helps those he mentors to build businesses of limitless scalability.

He says, “Action without vision is just passing time. Vision without action is daydreaming. But when we put vision and action together we can change our businesses and change our lives.”

Tony believes that to succeed in business we must have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. “We need to know our destination before we can plan our route.” With a clear vision it becomes easy to determine the actions needed.

Tony’s mentoring is always done individually, face to face, as he helps advisers to identify their “destination.” Then he helps them to plan the route, the strategies needed to achieve their business aims. With regular meetings he helps them to stay on track.

His knowledge of the business and the best ways to organise an adviser’s work patterns help achieve the maximum potential for an adviser’s business.

Tony Gordon